About me

Hello! My name is Viktor Harlov. I am the owner of “Cabot Resole Company” in Beverly, MA.

My experience in shoe business goes back by 30 years. I started to make new men’s and women’s shoes and boots in 1975 in Latvia (former USSR) by opening my own individual order shop. It became popular very quickly, and the waiting list was a yearlong. When Perestroika started in 1988, I opened the first private shop in Riga (Latvia) specializing in the shoe resole. Although we did not have very sophisticated machinery as in USA, our methods were extremely effective. Most of the work was done by hand. 

When I came in USA in 1995, first thing I did - was studying the American technique in the shoe resole for six month and gaining the new experience. In 1995, I opened my own “Cabot Resole Co.” shop in Beverly, MA.

My good experience allowed me to cultivate the original approach in resoling of any kind of shoes. I never reject any type of repair. 

New approach – best results!


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